This is me, Rob!

Rob de Wit

Utrecht, the Netherlands

About me

The data we gather allow for insights into what's going on in the world. I specialise in using those data in order to work towards innovations. Within a team I like using my skills to make sure everyone has the right intel. I do so by conducting analyses, creating visualisations, and helping people increase their own data literacy.

I have a master's in information sciences, a field of study that focuses on bridging the gap between people and tech. This reflects what I still like doing professionally: using tech – specifically data-related tech – to help people and teams. In 2019 I graduated on my research into reliable machine learning within fraud detection and prevention.

After graduating I worked as a data analyst within the fraud and risk domain at In October 2021 I started at Devoteam, working as a consultant within the Data as a Service unit.


Outside of work I love trekking through nature and sleeping in a tent. When not travelling, I really enjoy organising stuff. Currently I am organising a series of data-related meetups with a few friends:

Or perhaps you might know me from one of the conferences I have co-organised in the past:


I am trying to get into the habit of sharing some of the things I learned:


Feel free to reach out to me if you would like to get in touch: